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Sweatmother is an artist and filmmaker based in London. They use experimental techniques and hybrid documentary filmmaking in collaboration with non-professional actors to create counter-narratives from within their own communities and subcultures.


Their work reclaims the often misplaced voice, body and gaze by repurposing femme/masc & gender non-conforming identities in spaces where objectification is removed, and the agency and difference in the otherness is celebrated. 


Presently they are a Film London Artists’ Moving Image Fellow 21/22, a resident artist for INFERNO and the creator of Otherness Archive.




Institute of Contemporary Art 

London Short Film Festival  


Wired Magazine 

Art News Week 

NTS Radio





2021- 2022 Film London Artists’ Moving Image Network Fellowship (FLAMIN)

2021 ‘k-punk 2021: post-capitalist desire’ Exhibition

          Visuals by Sweatmother featuring Multiple Sound Artists: a series of events celebrating the life

          and work of Mark Fisher, Commissioned by: Institute of Contemporary Art Role: Visual Artist

2019 Finding Found Footage, Master Class Panelist Filmmaker, 16th London Short Film Festival, London

2019 Other Voices - BBC New Creatives Commission

2019 Visual Set, Commissioned by: 16th London Short Film Festival Opening Night Visuals

          Institute of Contemporary Art, London UK

2018 Top 10 Moving Image Artist, Brighton Photo Fringe Biennial, Brighton UK


2022 Untitled, Official Selection, Aesthetica Short Film Festival, York UK

2022 Femme Cowboy, Open School East with Jack Halberstam, Margate UK

2021 Femme Cowboy, Jeune Création 71, Fondation Fiminco, Paris Fr

2021 Other Voices, Minneapolis Institute of Art, Minneapolis USA

2021 Other Voices, Barnes Film Festival, London UK

2021 Other Voices, Reelout Queer Film & Video Festival, Ontario Canada

2021 Other Voices, 18th London Short Film Festival, London UK

2020 Other Voices, Fringe! Queer and Arts Program: I Know Places, London UK

2020 Other Voices, Audience Choice Award, Flip the Script Festival Minneapolis, USA

2020 Other Voices, CINEMQ Underground Film Festival, Shanghai, China

2019 Truss Me, Avant Garde Film & Video Artists Respond to the Trauma of the 21st Century, Filmhuis Cavia, Amsterdam

2017 Truss Me, China Libre, Artists Television Access, San Francisco, USA


2022 Soft Exits, Bookmarks of Discomfort: Millennium Film workshop, Manhattan NY

2022 Other Voices, LGBTQIA+ Histories of East London, Bermondsey Project Space, London

2020 Other Voices ft. expanded cinema performance, Asher Fynn - BBC New Creatives Showcase,                         Institute of Contemporary Art, London UK

2020 Forms of Control, Inferno Takeover in partnership with the Institute of Contemporary Art, London UK

2019 All This Scratch is Making Me Itch - Found Footage Films of the 80s with Contemporary Found                     Footage Artists,16th London Short Film Festival, Institute of Contemporary Art, London UK

2019 Soft Exits, Brighton Photo Fringe Biennial, ONCA Gallery, Brighton UK

2018 Screenbodies, FemBot: Videos About Technology, Made by Women and Non-Binary Filmmakers,The           Hand Gallery, New York USA


2022 Dyke, Just Do It - Visual and movement based performance - Movement Direction: Eve Stainton - Featuring performers: Kiki Mager, Casper Sid Good, Yasmine Akim, Tiberius B - Commissioned by: INFERNO for FLAMIN Development Fellowship


2022 Packed Desire: Fringe! Queer Film Festival, Barbican, London UK

2022 The Forgotten Archives of the Trans Masc Experience, 19th London Short Film Festival, Genesis Theater

2021 Otherness Archive, Trans Histories, moving image work, Iron Works, Brighton UK

2020 Otherness Archive, a selection of work from QTIPOC films and filmmakers, Various Locations

2018 Otherness Showcase, a selection of work from Women and Non-binary filmmakers, The Ken, San Diego CA


2021 London Trans+ Pride, Member - Community organizer, championing trans+ and intersex rights,                   London UK

2019 Otherness Archive - Creator, Pioneers of the Other Perspective, Online

2018 Transmissions - Co-Director, Community organization for Trans and Gender Non-comforming                       Identities London UK

2018 Cuntemporary - Member, Queer Feminist Collective, London UK


2022 ‘Passing Gloves’ Exhibition and Published Book,

Artist: Orion Isaacs Commissioned by: Arts Council UK, Rich Mix and Manchester Jewish Museum

Role: Visual Director / Photographer


2022 ‘im hole’ visual tour

Artist: aya (Aya Sinclair), Commissioned by: HYPERDUB/ Various Countries

Role: Visual Artist


2021 ‘It's Always You’ Moving Image Work and Exhibition

Artist: Sin Wai Kin, Commissioned by: Blind Spot Gallery and Shedale

Role: Videography/ Photographer


2019 MA (Experimental Film with Distinction) Kingston School of Art. London, UK

2014 BFA (Cinematography with Honors) The Academy of Art University. San Francisco, USA


2021 The Critical Legacy of Mark Fisher, The Wire Vol: 445 March 2021

2021 K-punk parties on: new online film commission at ICA, The Art Newspaper

2020 The Art of Drag, Author: Jake Hall, "The Future of Drag" Contributor pg.120-121

2020 The Subversive Artistry of Filmmaker Sweatmother, Muse by Cilo Awards

2020 Soft Exits, Top 3 Experimental Films, DAZED

2019 Other Voices, Feature Short, BBC Iplayer



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