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Dyke Just Do It, Performance
Institute Contemporary of Art, London November 6-7 2023

Dyke Just Do It, is a live expanded cinema performance focusing on modes of dyke counternarratives and desire. It is a live and immersive experience with intergenerational performers and the screening of video work, with live visual manipulation of historical archive footage, filmed footage and commercial adverts.

The performance reflects on dyke representation in capitalist contexts, and how these can be co-opted and reclaimed into new realms of desire. Through a process of repurposing found footage and reworking archival text, pride slogans and advert taglines the piece explores how dyke culture can transform itself and overcome its assimilation into heteronormative modes of representation and censorship. 


Premiered at the Institute of Contemporary Art in London with two sold out performances in November 2023. 

Watch Excerpt Here

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