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'Dyke Just Do It! Excerpt (WIP) United Kingdom 2022

Dyke, Just Do It (Excerpt) is a 20-minute performance examining the commercialisation of dyke identities. Featuring Sweatmother with an ensemble group of self-identified dykes, this multimedia performance draws on LGBT ‘kiss ins’ and language through advertisements. With movement direction by Eve Stainton and sound by Jennifer Walton.

Live AV Multi-media performance ft Multi channel video projection / installation size varied


Soundscape from found audio, live audio

Sound Artist, Jennifer Walton

Movement Direction by Eve Stainton

Duration: 25 min

December 2022

Presented at INFERNO Rave, Institute of Contemporary Arts London 2022

Developed under the fellowship with The Film London Artists’ Moving Image Network  2021-2022, with additional support from INFERNO in 2022.


Dyke, Just Do It!(Excerpt) Photography by Roxy Lee + Video Snyth Stills by Sweatmother

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